Mould design and manufacture

Specialists in the design and manufacture of injection and compression moulds.

Moldirun has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of plastic injection and compression moulds. The provision of state-of-the-art computer systems for 3D design and CAM, together with our experience and technical knowledge, allows us to transfer the relevant information of the projects to workshops in optimum conditions for the subsequent manufacturing process, eliminating risk of error due to data transfer.

Our facilities are specially prepared for the manufacture of medium-large sized injection and compression moulds (up to 30 Tn), where we are a benchmark company at national level in highly demanding sectors such as the automotive industry, electrical appliances, railway, aeronautics, electric, etc.

Moldirun accompanies all its mould design and manufacture processes with rigorous monitoring checks to meet the customer's expectations and requirements.

Mould design and manufacture 1
Mould design and manufacture 2
Mould design and manufacture 3

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