Copying and machining of 3D pieces

The growing demand for medium and large part machining services has led us to provide a solid response to this need.

At Moldirun we offer a full service of copying and processing 3D parts for small series (lots of around 10 pieces).

We work with all types of pieces: mould components (imprints, detachables…), cast models, prototypes… we take on any project that is supported by a 3D drawing.

We offer you our extensive experience in machining and the most advanced technology in machinery and a command of the generation of CAD/CAM programs to offer a fast and competitive service, ensuring the highest standards of quality and efficiency in deadlines.


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Pol.Ind Arretxe-Ugalde Lekumberri-9
20305-IRÚN (Gipuzkoa) SPAIN
Tel: +34 943 62 82 62  Fax: +34 943 63 56 70